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WRFL is fully operated by our directors. Directors are full time students at the University of Kentucky. Be sure to contact the appropiate director for your specific needs. If you are unsure, contact the general manager.
Mailing Address Studio Phone Office Phone Physical Address
WRFL Lexington, University Station Box 777, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY 40506 859.257.9735 859.257.4636 160 Avenue of Champions, Room A160, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY 40506

    General Manager

      Franki Arroyo

      Frankiarroyo 9f1316533f284c1d4f940ac0c363858e7b7a345c0428468359f82f4ad25f2c26
      Super duper senior in Arts Administration, which is basically what I do here. Administer the art of radio goodness.

      Design Director

      As the Design Director, I'm responsible for making the RiFLe and creating any gig/event posters and the digital identity of the station!

      Emily Crace

      Emilycrace 9f07bf5b78985f80e9246abeb478672810ab0e47b5969039d88d478732507abe
      I'm a senior studying Communications and Digital Media and Design.

      Development Director

      How can I find out about Sponsorship opportunities?

      Anna Rose

      Wrfl black 5f360a22db75a48c26e9238abe4d9131961235dad7533fe870852b611b68ed96

        Library Director

        As library director, I manage the physical and digital archival of WRFL's media library, including the overseeing of Subsonic and the labeling process for new CDs. If you have questions regarding the availability of materials or the acquiring of new ones, contact me.

        Chris Browning

        Wrfl black 5f360a22db75a48c26e9238abe4d9131961235dad7533fe870852b611b68ed96
        Chris Browning is an English major. You've probably seen him around.

        Local Director

        Are you a local band and want to send in music submissions?

        Cameron Childress

        Wrfl black 5f360a22db75a48c26e9238abe4d9131961235dad7533fe870852b611b68ed96

          Media Director

          Overseeing production of WRFL’s videos, website content, and social media content, as needed, while maintaining timely and high-quality output of promotional and WRFL Live videos/photography on a regular, weekly basis

          Maurice Fleming

          Reesefleming da7e4f582b4eb835687f4be9a0e8891b5ad0bf454a76c61b419ee21ed324ddaa
          Just an Arizona tea lover who loves to make videos and take pictures.

          Music Director

          As music director, my job is to bring new music to DJs of WRFL. I work every week contacting promoters and getting CDs reviewed for our DJs to use.

          Avery Rondinelli

          Averyrondinelli d35078f9808a2c88aeb964dd7eda917b24dda5fa9be2c9909957952eed6e2b97
          WRFL DJ since 2015, WRFL Live host 2016-17. Current music director. I love all kinds of music but my favorite kinds have to be old school east coast hip hop and neo-psychedelia

          News Director

          The News Director is in charge of news programming at WRFL. They are the student liaison between WRFL and the School of Journalism and Media and assists the journalism students with the morning news and Campus Voices, a show on Wednesdays 5-6pm. The News Director also runs the WRFL News blog, providing information and reviews of local musicians and events.

          Noah Oldham

          Noaholdham 3c632ee7efe89048b4b9f003302f3a057c8708bc5966d2c78d68dce717c428db
          I am a sophomore broadcast journalism major with minors in political science and Spanish. I host No! Ah! on Saturdays 7-9am, a show with music and the latest news making me go, 'No! Ah!'' I am also a member of the Creative Filming Club.

          Production Director

          As one of the Production Directors, I assist in sound reinforcement for live events and WRFL Live. I also write, record, and/or produce on-air promotional material, as well as edit our podcasts.

          Max Smith

          Maxsmith f949bafe382a88cc8e8cad2700a16a46f038c5dde896647389aeab4ba131c0a2

            Production Director

            As one of the Production Directors, I assist in sound reinforcement for live events and WRFL Live. I also write, record, and/or produce on-air promotional material, as well as edit our podcasts.

            Clay Greene

            Claygreene 52fef649a9d3ad84d1a3512dab9e6f9a6a56e627d623fdb35710835b607c6ecf
            I am a senior in the Media Arts and Studies program with too many hobbies

            Programming Director

            The Assistant Programming Director handles checking plays and helps with covering fills and no-call no-shows. Email us if fills are needed or the playlist isn't working. Otherwise give Destiny or myself a call.

            Seth Hilbert

            Sethhilbert faba756c0bda6326f240bcaae710438c0813c90a491265c4b64e1ab543f8a412
            I'm a weirdo with weird hair colors that plays tabletop games and listens to lots of EDM. I've also heard I sometimes do something on the radio but that's just a rumor.

            Event Promotions Director

            Tre manages the station's Facebook, Twitter and Instagram profiles and the Around Town calendar. He also periodically writes and updates the station's public service announcements, and provides additional design work.

            Tre Lyerly

            Mr.whatevr 05d0215452d905468125c6066aa11f71682ebd57a631fe9eb41c2036d9835bd3
            Tre Lyerly is WRFL's event promotions director. He hosts the electronic dance music show 'Whatevr Works' as Trevor Whatevr, and has been a volunteer at the station since 2015. Additionally, Tre keeps the station's RPM/electronic playbox updated with Asst. Programming Director Seth Hilbert. Manufactured in North Carolina, Tre is still figuring out the specifics of whether he's a robot, a human, or both. He loves listening to and creating electronic music, reads obscure comic books, plays a smorgasbord of video games, and is a journalism senior at UK.

            Training Director

            If you want a show on WRFL or want to get involved I am the person to talk to. Fill out the application on the website if you are interested in getting trained and having your own show. If you have questions send me an email.

            Edison Dupree

            Edisondupree 5150de3758b3e39a2271148cec1ace1612768e55511a2bc9fd6130c9a25fd4cd
            I am a Media Art and Studies major here at UK and am a DJ on the show Squids will be Squids.

            Volunteer Director

            As volunteer director, I keep track of all RFL members' service hours and I coordinate the mix playbox.

            Allison Pin

            Allisonpin d8d1cf3b7b3160093e52bc2a973d8edb2dba50a04ad7341dac231b0215bc4782
            Yo, my name is Allison (also known as A-Pinny) and I'm a junior in mechanical engineering. I've been a member of WRFL since my freshman year at UK. I love sweet beats, and love talking about sweet beats. Hit me up.

            Website Director

            Having issue with the website, stream, archive, or anything technical?

            Jason Sogan

            Jasonsogan 7ba75b9312f91ccb9a409e0d325b022298d0c3f415441ff420e9bf44abc2bf36
            'Have you tried turning it off and back on again', these are words I live by