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Taylor Road Band to play 'WRFL Live!' 10/21
Alayna Tobo

“Rock’s not dead," says Cameron Davis of the Taylor Road Band. And they’re here to prove it to you. Taylor Road, a band based in Danville, Kentucky, just got together this ...

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Local Artists
Tiny Tiny releases album "Go"
Noah Oldham

Ready, set, “Go”! Somerset pop group Tiny Tiny releases their new album “Go” today. The band’s writer and lead singer Boone Williams had a chat with WRFL about the new album...

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5 Standout Albums of Q3 2020
Stephen Hicks

Happy October, everyone! Here are some new-ish tunes to help lift your spirits while enjoying this resplendent autumn weather. Fredd C., “Life’s Short. Take Risks.” L...

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Local Artists
Helicoid playing 'WRFL Live!' 09/30
Allison Pin

This week on 'WRFL Live!' we're going to hear from Lexington space-rocker Helicoid. Tune in to WRFL online at, at 88.1fm on your radio, or check out our YouTube liv...

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WRFL Event
WRFL Week 9/14-9/18
Joshua Massey

Join us in celebrating the first ever WRFL Week - a multi-day event that gives you the chance to learn about WRFL's history, relive some of its most memorable moments, engag...

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WRFL Event
Become a WRFL DJ! DisOrientation 9/19
Emerson Dupree

Want to get involved with WRFL as a DJ? Or know a friend who does? The Fall 2020 DisOrientation is September 19th at 2 pm! DisOrientation is where the training process w...

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